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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fashion Forward

Laney has been quite a diva lately, in both behavior and style. Very, very particular and quite independent. She will struggle for 10 minutes to zip her own coat and insist on spreading her own peanut butter on her bread. I think this is normal toddler behavior. What is not so normal is what occurs when I allow Laney to pick out her own clothes. I've struck a kind of compromise with the little lady--I choose her clothes for the morning (she chooses the color, however) and she can choose her post-nap attire. We generally don't go anywhere late afternoon so it doesn't really matter what she ends up wearing. Which is lucky, because the outfits vary from pajamas, to my tees and scarves, to diaper with tons of hair accessories and jewelry, to my personal favorite--naked with tap shoes. I do get a little worried when she dresses normally but delights in walking around in my pointiest highest heels--I can barely walk in some of my shoes. Poor Mia has a tough role--the "hat wearer." Laney doesn't mess with her outfit too much--but she is very focused on sticking a hat on the babe at all times. And yeah, it's not really hat weather in our living room. Mia's interest in fashion only extends to chewing on shoes at this time. I am happy to still have some control there. Of course, the pics really explain Laney's creativity...

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