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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring baking!

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be spring cleaning. I'm kind of doing that. But spring baking and crafting sound more fun to me, so I'll be posting a bunch of new ideas we're working on soon. I will also be posting recipes for very light and healthy dinners to counteract the spring baking thing. Hey. Balance.
Last week Laney and I decided to do a little brownie baking (or as she calls it--Chocolate Lake!!) To celebrate the springy 40 degree weather I grabbed my new flower-silicon-shape-thingy! This was so fun and it occupied Laney for more than an hour. First, we mixed the brownie mix (yep, mix.) Then baked the brownies in the silicon pad (we had a ton of batter left so also made a traditional half-pan of brownies.) After kind of letting them cool (it would have worked better had I completely let them cool) I turned the chocolate flowers out onto parchment. Then I set up Laney's workstation: a flat sheet of foil, cookie frosting in a glue bottle, and various pastel sprinkles. Mia got her own workstation with a sheet of foil and various Mia-safe foods to smoosh, nibble and toss on the floor. Laney is particularly artsy-crafty but I can't imagine a tot who wouldn't be in heaven with this project. It was a fantastic afternoon and a great memory. And Mike enjoyed the brownies (ok. so did I.)

*A note on brownie mixes- Target brand was meh. The best I've had is Costco brand but I'm not sure if that's due to the mix or to the baker (my mother-in-law is a master baker. She even has cookie recipes memorized.) No matter the mix--I underbake them.

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