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Friday, February 26, 2010

Clean Mud Day

The girls and I have been wiped out with a stomach bug the last couple of days so we have no fun activities to report. Mike came home for the afternoon and is caring for the girls who are currently on the upswing and not. So I thought I'd take this time to look back on an activity we attempted a few weeks back. I posted an account of Clean Mud Day on Facebook so I am able to retrieve it and share again, with pics!

Creative Mom Fail--Winter Activity "Clean Mud Play"

So after fingerpainting (messy kids) I decided to do clean mud (torn toilet paper, grated bar soap, warm water). I pile to girls into the tub, and get them going on ripping the toilet paper. Meanwhile, I grate my thumb while grating the soap. Take toilet paper out of Mia's mouth. Add grated soap, give Laney pitcher of warm water. She pours it on Mia. Give Laney another pitcher of warm water, make mud. Start playing with shapes in mud. Take mud out of Mia's mouth. Take muddy shapes out of Mia's mouth. Laney has rejected clean mud play and is wet and soapy, and still covered in paint in the kitchen now. Take Mia out of tub. Place Mia in sink to rinse. Put Laney in shower, spend 10 minutes getting clean mud out of hair. Dress shivering Mia. Dress shivering Laney. Plop in front of Yo Gabba Gabba and spend 10 minutes cleaning soap out of grater. Band-aid still bleeding thumb.

If anyone thinks their kids might actually enjoy this activity, you can make clean mud by ripping up a roll of Charmin, grating a bar of soap and dumping water over the mess. Be warned that your toddler will then think it's appropriate to rip up rolls of Charmin.

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