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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

$.63 well spent

So Laney has this book (it's a Blues Clues paperback) about planting seeds. Last week, she was asking for me to read it at least once a day. It's a nice book, has a little meat to it, doesn't I was agreeable. Before we knew it, the 2 yr old was walking around telling people what a seed needed to grow (water, soil, plant, sunlight etc). Ok, so then we're watching Sesame Street, and of course, Elmo is planting a seed!

The universe was telling me something. SCIENCE lesson!

Always looking for activities, I am on board. A trip to Copps for a small bag of dried organic pinto beans from the natural food bulk section and we're ready to go. Here's what we did--shoved a bunch of Bounty (yes, you must use Bounty, it's just better) into a mason jar. Laney drops in a few (yeah, 10) dried beans. Laney pours in a ridiculous amount of water. We stick it by the window. And wait. Surprisingly, only a few days pass, and we have sprouts! They were ready to pot a few days later. Daily activity, watering and monitoring our bean plants!

But $.63 buys a lot of beans. We have many left over. A quick boil and simmer and now Mia is involved in the bean project--we have a healthy, cheap and easy finger food! You know I hate those puff things. Seriously, those beans are in a Ziploc in the freezer and 20 seconds in the microwave gets the job done.

Yes, this stuff is exciting to me.

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Derek said...

Cool! Got to be creative to survive these long winters with little ones.