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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Marshmallow Art

A few weeks back I playdated with my old friend Julie and her cutesters, Ian and Audrey. I noticed an interesting craft hanging on her wall. Oh yes, marshmallow art. What could be easier?
So the basic premise is taking some paper, drawing an outline with glue and adhering marshmallows to the glue to complete the picture. Easy enough, right?

Let me say now that Julie's son is THREE and my daughter is TWO. That doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it's the difference between "making marshmallow art" and "eating glue-covered marshmallows".

Luckily, I've been Laney's mom for a couple years now so I thought of this beforehand. First, I did this activity after nap. Had we done this before nap the sugar ingestion would have seriously messed up the afternoon. Second, I used FROSTING IN A GLUE BOTTLE. Yes, FROSTING. Tremendously increasing potential sugar rush yet eliminating the pesky glue consumption. Now let me tell you, you can buy frosting in a glue bottle. Yes, you can. It totally does the job. It's like $900. You can also wash a glue bottle out really really well and put your own cheap powdered sugar water frosting in it. What I did was actually a compromise. I bought the glue bottle frosting, used it, scolded myself for wasting money and now have been continuously cleaning and refilling the same bottle for a few months now (yes, we do many edible crafts.)

By the way, Laney can really only draw a face. Everything else is abstract (she knows what it is, I don't see it.) Doesn't matter what it looked like--it never made it to the wall. She ate it when she was done. It was fun. Thanks, Julie Z.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome Wendy! I'm stealing the edible glue idea - awesome!