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Monday, May 17, 2010

Go West!

So, for the very first time, I left my family for a solo vacay. I desperately missed my good friend Jenny who ditched WI for Utah last year. So I booked a flight and headed west.
To the land of Mormons and honey.

Jenny and her husband Jeff (we like him too) picked me up in Salt Lake City and we dined on mole and margaritas. After dinner, we walked around the Mormon- Temple-big-epicenter-place and took in the beautiful setting. Zillions of flowers in bloom.

Jeff and Jenny live in Ogden, which is about a half hour from SLC. It's pretty much a bunch of mountains with a city scattered in the crevices. I stayed at their beautiful home, hiked mountains, took strolls around the town, ate, drank, shopped and sunned myself. Utah is gorgeous and old friends are worth the trip. I had an invigorating yet relaxing 48 hrs before heading home.

What was happening at home? It was Mike's first time overnight with the girls without me. And it was two overnights (plus another bedtime!) I'll tell you what wasn't happening--naps. But I came home (at midnight on Sunday) to a calm husband, sleeping babies and a VERY CLEAN HOUSE (he's welcome to clean when I'm home too...)

So all was well. Daddy is fun and Mommy is allowed to go away. That's good to know. I've been home less than a day and Laney has mentioned several times that she's getting on an airplane and going to Utah. I better let Jenny know to expect her!

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