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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to Blog!

So summer is officially over and so is my break from blogging. To recap the summer--we played outside. There, everyone's caught up. Blogging over the summer would have made for some pretty boring writes--we put our crafting and cooking aside in favor of running wild, swinging, sliding, swimming and gardening. The weather is chilling so we're spending more time back inside and getting creative again.

Apple season came quickly this year and we've already had our first big batch. We ate most by hand but had a few to use up and wanted to do it healthfully.

Apple Chips

Slice apples thinly (I didn't peel; I love the peel.)
Line cookie sheet with parchment
Arrange apple slices in one layer over parchment
Sprinkle with desired seasoning (we did some cinnamon sugar, some curry, some kosher salt)
Bake at 250 until crisp (an hour or so)

There you go!

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