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Sunday, October 3, 2010


A few weeks back I bought Laney a big box of craft projects at the Toy Box. We have this situation where Mia naps for three hours (so good) but Laney naps for...not at all. So we need an awful lot of "quiet" activities to keep the afternoon running smoothly. Art projects are big.

In this box, there was a sticky butterfly and a bunch of post-it note sized tissue papers in various colors. The idea is to crumble the tissue paper ands stick it to the butterfly. What a simple idea.

What a good idea.

Especially after a birthday.

This became a DIY craft after I painstakingly cut all the tissue papers from gift bags into little squares (ok, it was neither painstaking nor time-consuming). I also unearthed the Elmer's School Glue. Give my 3 year old some glue, and you don't see her for a half hour. Which can be nice when I just want to watch Flipping Out on my DVR.

So what you need is tissue paper, a piece of copy or construction paper and glue. One drop of glue per tissue square. I got Laney started by drawing a tree trunk and she made a tree complete with falling leaves (or apples, whatever.) She also made a cute balloon. And of course, I've included the butterfly that started it all.

I realize this isn't exactly a unique activity idea but we are crazy in love with it right now and you should all give it a chance. It's good for hours of quiet fun!

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