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Monday, April 5, 2010

Too pretty to eat. Ok, not really.


The treat of the moment, yes? Well, we've bought in. Laney and I are fans. So much so that I posted on FB my craving for cupcakes. In fact, my posting about hitting the park and making cupcakes worked out very well for us as my friend Steph offered me both her (and her sons') company at the park and a fun new cupcake idea. Talk about a good day.

Laney and I pre-burned our cupcake calories running around the park with our friends Steph and Jake (and the babes) and then headed home for some creative cupcaking. Steph let me in on her Martha Stewart-esque cupcake recipe--RAINBOW cupcakes.

Food coloring. Both a good idea and a bad idea. Makes a pretty cupcake but a messy countertop. Strip the kid or ready your Tide Pen. Also, if you have cupcake pajamas for your baby, it helps with the mood.

Ok, so we made boxed cupcake mix and then separated it into several bowls. In each bowl I put something like 10 (12, 15, 20) drops and stirred. I then, with a tablespoon, layered each colored batter into the paper cups. Baked as usual. Frosted and sprinkled.

These are gorgeous and springy! Worked perfectly. Keep in mind that my standards are pretty low (for presentation, not taste.) I've seen Steph make things that could go in magazines. Neither Laney or I have that steady hand (patience). But we do have fun! Try this at home, and then give them away to keep from eating them all. Or better yet, bring to a playdate that we're attending;-)

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